• We are professionals with wide and varied experience in the gold leaf gilding industry
  • We offer a maintenance contract to ensure your gold leaf artistry remains as good as new
  • We are staffed by professionals with in-depth knowledge of creative, interior decoration and gilding process.
  • All our products and services are backed by warranties for your peace-of-mind
  • We are timely to meet your deadlines

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Our Services Custom Make  


We also specialist in
Art and design
Mural painting
Painting & illustration
3D sculpturing & Relief
Texture effect

We also working hand in hand with advertising agencies, theme parks, interior design to bring any concept ever imagined to reality – through the most appropriate techniques. Some of which may not have as yet even been imagined.

We consists of dedicated designer, artists and sculptors that have many years of experience in fields such as mural, illustration, painting, designing, interior design, fabrication and contractual work. We are able to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements in-house, enabling a controlled and cost effective proposal. It’s main emphasis is on quality finish to client’s expectation & beyond.



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